Our Mission
We will provide such extraordinary service to our customers and suppliers that we will be the number one sales organization for every company we serve.


Our Vision
We are the people of Stern & Company, and this is our vision:

Stern & Company will grow in a focused, controlled manner. At the heart of our growth will be an unwavering commitment to the residential fenestration industry as our core business. We expect to bring highly useful knowledge of the overall industry to our customers, helping connect them to the resources they need to be successful.

We will continuously sharpen our competence in leading edge technologies, available resources, and the competitive marketplace. These competencies will be the key to our growth in market share and our careful entry into new geographic regions and distribution opportunities.

Our technically knowledgeable salespeople will thoroughly understand our customers’ businesses. As a result, we will deliver custom service to every customer. Stern & Company’s customers will experience service that is the best imaginable anywhere.

Our staff will be supported by a management that is available and accessible. Management will help create clear goals, roles, and responsibilities. It will provide the leadership needed to focus the organization on continuous improvement and the building of a cooperative, interdependent team.

Our team will continue to grow in size and skill. Staff will work out of bright, modern offices and will use state-of-the-art information and telecommunications technology to communicate business data efficiently. Those with whom we come in contact will be struck by the high level of energy, activity, and enthusiasm in our people. Employees will share directly in company profits. Every employee will say that Stern & Company is a positive environment that enhances the quality of their life.

Most importantly of all, Stern & Company will develop a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and making a significant contribution to the profitability of every company we serve. Because of this, our partnerships with customers and suppliers will blossom and endure over time.